Spa ultrasonic diffuser


Create a spa ambience at home or work with this wonderful Flora scent hub. Turn water into a fine mist that acts as a humidifier and ioniser, and an aroma diffuser. Combines aromatherapy through the scent you choose (see our essential oil range) and chromotherapy with a warm light effect to create a peaceful atmosphere. *only use distilled water or demineralised water in your scent hub. Water capacity: 120ml Size: L145 x W145 x H60mm Power usage: Diffuser: 12w DC 24v Adaptor: 100-240v AC 50-60 Hz Features Colour changing LED light (warm white to red flame) Ability to fix colour Independent light/mist control built-in overheating control select continuous or intermittent mist mist auto shut off after 3 hours, or 6 hours on intermittent (except LED) Auto shut off at low water level low energy consumption works without heat or flame

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