Accessory Set


Nutty Putty is such a brilliant gift for young children (and adults will also love to play with it). As well as it being fun, it's also educational and helps children develop many skills including fine motor skills and encourages imagination, exploration and creativity. Nutty Putty is non-toxic, hygienic silicone. The silicone used is the same that is found in baby products such as feeding bottles and cookware so it is safe for children. unlike other products this has a glossy and rubbery feel, it's not messy and doesn't dry out which makes it perfect for using over and again. What makes it even more brilliant is that if your child is really happy with their creation you can pop it in the oven for 10 minutes and it will become a permanent object that they can keep. Included in this accessory kit: 4 colours 2 tools 2 glow in the dark bracelets A pair of earrings Hair clip Ring Play mat Ideas and instructions Baking sheet