Where do mermaids go for their holiday?

At Cotton and Pearl we believe they go to Cyprus. Well, we are sure they do, why wouldn’t they? After all, the waters are so crystal clear and there are plenty of seashells to decorate their hair. On a very recent trip it suddenly dawned on me how I have taken the motherland for granted, despite knowing how beautiful it is, we have never had time to truly appreciate it, until now. In the past, when I was asked if I was looking forward to my holiday I would always answer ‘well, you know, it’s Cyprus, not really a holiday’. Yes, it is your duty to catch up and see relatives who take up your entire trip wanting to see you and feed you as much as possible, and yes we all get frustrated that our tiny break gets taken over but I guess there is so much love and such little time! To be honest this feeling did make me avoid visiting in the past but I was very wrong and now we try to go much more often.

We have visited many countries and we love to travel, but Cyprus has a special place in our hearts. The sun twinkles at you as it kisses the sea and blesses the country with good weather for most of the year. We tend to visit off peak if we can as it’s less busy and oh so beautiful when the flowers start to bloom and you can smell the incredible red earth if there are light showers. 

If you go off peak you can often find yourself enjoying many of the beaches completely alone (utter bliss).

When we visited Ayia Napa we stayed at the very wonderful Napa Mermaid. This hotel in our opinion is the coolest in the area. It’s chic, elegant and the staff are all warm and friendly.  The spa is really wonderful and the food is so good. Did we mention that they make really good frappe (iced coffee)?  Like, seriously good.  The hotel is owned by two cool and quirky sisters who have such brilliant attention to detail and they have even created fabulous private villas by the pool if their guests want a slightly different hotel experience. You can visit the sculpture museum which is temporarily on next to the hotel at the moment and the beach across the road is really a lovely place to swim (along with many other fabulous finds on the coastal road).

Places to eat?


A little nook called Potamos (translates to  lake). There are about three fish restaurants and the tables are placed exactly where the fisherman dock, you watch them bring in the catch and you choose your fish and then it’s cooked to perfection. The last restaurant in this little hideaway is on the beach, the tables are on the sand and you can take your own BBQ, then choose the fish and cook it yourself. The waiters are still there to serve you dips and Keo beer or whatever else you need.

Mousikos Tavern, Sotira (Famagusta region)

This was once a large family home and is now a fabulous Taverna serving freshly made Halloumi, real authentic bread,and other traditional Cypriot meals.  You can walk around inside and see some of the original pieces from the home and can see the traditional clay ovens outside.  Really worth eating here.

The Old Mill. Mylos restaurant

Beautifully located in the Troodos Mountains is The Old Mill (converted to an agrotourism hotel).  You can stay for the night by booking via their website and if you do you should eat at their famous restaurant.  Mylos is famous for its locally farmed trout so it’s worth ordering if you enjoy eating fish.  Not great for vegetarian main options which was a shame but it’s a lovely experience and the breakfast the next morning was amazing (and had lots of veg options thankfully). 

Other places of interest

If you find yourself in Platres and want an authentic experience then book in with Edelweizz and arrange to meet with the owner George who grew up in the area and know every single beautiful spot there is to find.  He took us to see waterfalls and ancient bridges and beautiful spot that are unknown to the tourist books and blogs.  He is such a character and well worth contacting if you want to see a different side to the island. http://www.edelweisshotel.com.cy/

The Kourion, Episkopi

For the history fans, this is a really beautiful site to visit and the beach close by is great too (great big waves!)

It’s great to hire a car and explore the island as it’s really not that far to visit different towns and get off the tourist path. We recommend our friends http://www.oasisrent.com.cy/ who are always really helpful.

It really is a wonderful time of year to visit, we think it’s at its prettiest up until June when it’s beautifully sunny and all in bloom. October is also a fab time to visit if you prefer a coller climate.

For more inspiration also visit My Cyprus Insider (especially their instagram account)

And that’s  why mermaids go!

Kalo Taxithi

Love Cotton and Pearl, the Quirky Happy Cool Gang!

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