Christmas under the sea, starts very early.  The mermaids collect all the crystals they can find from the Enchanted Alchemists. The sea horses then shoot them out like magical, rocketing snowflakes. Pink flamingos loan their feathers and on Christmas eve some of them turn blue!

Scattered on the seabed you can find Moobles and Toobles cushions with crowns and tepees.

Neptune the sea God arrives on his chariot drawn by dolphins; he showers all the sea creatures with copper stars and on top of the tallest coral stands a star fish.

Electric eels light up the ocean. Lobsters present all the guests with an oyster but the luckiest get a Cotton and Pearl.

Well that's what we think it's like and maybe it is who knows.

It's great to go into fantasy and fairy dust the imagination, hence our designs this year. We wanted to use the magic we believed in as children and really relate to how children see the world.

So fill your home with seahorses and mermaids this year or make your own with our Nutty Putty range and have fun with all ages. It could be your dinner table game with the family this year.

And speaking of Christmas…

We have challenged Stefs Brownies to make the perfect dinner guest gifts to complement our selection of cake stands and domes so keep watching. I'm sure every hostess would just be thrilled at what's to come. After all, hosting a special meal takes love and effort.

If you’re the host why not treat your guests with a Christmas decoration table setting of mermaids, seahorses and feathers. It's all about giving!

Stay Quirky Happy Cool.

Andriana, Angela and Maria

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