As a child, my mother would wash my hair in chamomile; it will keep the blonde she would say. My grandmother, I remember, when hugging her, would have this incredible fragrance of thyme and oregano; not perfume, but from brushing past the bushes on paths in a tiny village in days gone by.

Recently as a grandmother now myself, when taking my beautiful grandson on a walk in his pram, if we pass a lavender bush and it’s close to nap time I pick a stem and say "smell this lovely lavender, my angel, it will help you sleep"... and so it does.

As a family, we have always looked to nature for our pleasures and our ailments. As a result and rather naturally, something wonderful has happened for us here in Cotton and Pearl.  In our quest to give only the best and only the purest, we have (with help) developed our very own essential oil collection. It is only a small range for now but I'm sure it will grow.

We are so delighted to have a stand at our beloved Alexandra Palace for the Mind Body Soul exhibition (which includes the OM Yoga show), and a what fantastic way to introduce it to you, along with our lavender filled eye pillows and relaxing eye masks. We love using them in meditation finishing off a yoga session.

With the help of Terri Green from the Green Room, who really knows her stuff when it comes to aromatherapy and healing, we have turned to her for advice on the best blends for our humidifiers & burners. Here's what Terri says.

I recently called in on Maria in her beautiful studio and we discussed how exciting it is that they are exhibiting at the Om Yoga Show this year at Alexandra Palace. It’s a really vibrant exhibition to be part of and as always, huge numbers of people will be visiting.

Maria showed me the new range she has in stock of beautiful humidifiers for the home and delightful essential oils. If you haven’t invested in one of the latest humidifiers yet, then you should call in and take a look at what benefits they can bring to your home.  With Autumn upon us, and central heating going back on, it’s important that we keep our homes free from air-borne viruses. A blend of Pine, Lavender, and Bay Laurel will not only make your home smell delightful but will keep it free from nasty cold and flu viruses.

For a relaxing ambiance when you are snuggled up on your sofa, add a few drops of Frankincense, Basil, and Geranium. 

To enhance your yoga practice, burn Lemongrass with a few drops of Lavender.

If you are having difficulties sleeping, Lavender will take you into a deep tranquil slumber.

As an aromatherapist myself, I know how important essential oils are; physically, mentally and spiritually. Each morning I include oils in my cleansing routine, in my home for peace and calm and in my work studio, Green Room, to bring a wonderful sense of clarity and balance. If you would like to have a personal fragrance blended especially for your home, Green Room will personalize a fragrance to your own preference. 

But, for instant essential oil joy, treat yourself to one of Cotton and Pearl’s roller ball range – apply to pulse points and the fragrance will clear your head and mind.

Terri Green MIFA founder of Green Room Aromatherapy – a haven of peace and tranquility…….

See you all at the show (we’ll be at stand 15 so please pop by and say hello)

Namaste. x

The event: 

When: 21, 22, 23rd October 2016

Where: Alexandra Palace

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