The best wellness and yoga festivals this summer; and an introduction to Tribal Spirit

Standing at our stall at the Mind, Body, Soul festival last year, I’d just had the most fabulous henna on my arm and turned to Mum and said, I’d really love to wear a bindi (anyone will tell you I’ve been fascinated and have loved Indian culture since I was tiny).  At that exact moment, this hugely charismatic woman appeared in front of us beaming with a beautiful and infectious smile and of course, she was wearing a beautiful bindi.  Mum and I both shrieked at the same time ‘we want a bindi, where can we get one from? To which this fascinating woman whipped two from her bag and placed them on us perfectly.  ‘Hi, I’m Stella’; and from that moment we knew we were going to become friends.  Stella, has recently launched Tribal Spirit, a really interesting concept, and we took some time to chat with her about her beautiful venture of tribal dance and her metallic tribal tattoos that we think are just perfect as an accessory to wear at a festival.  We also have some excellent tips from her for the festival season in the UK this summer. 


Can you recommend the best festivals in the UK for Yoga and Wellbeing?

There are so many fabulous festivals in the UK during the lead up to and in the summer months, but by far the best are Soul Circus and FloVibe, both focus on not just Yoga but also wellness, beauty, holistic treatments and wellbeing, with talks and workshops on many interesting yoga and wellbeing topics.

The Om Yoga shows in Glasgow, Manchester and London are also excellent shows to attend to really get to see the growth of the wellbeing and yoga industry, with some of the best Yoga instructors and practitioners in the country showcasing the myriad of classes available.

Top tips for experiencing your first Wellbeing Festival

If you are just visiting a festival for the day then take a few additional items of clothing in case it rains. The first Soul Circus it rained all day on and off for two whole days.  I still loved being there and was pleased I took a few wraps and a light waterproof jacket.

Go with an open mind, try lots of different classes and workshops, get stuck in, participate and allow yourself to be face painted, Tribal marked, be covered in glitter and if you want to dress to impress wear bright colours and crazy outfits.  

You have paid for a day or weekend ticket so immerse yourself into everything.

Take extra cash to buy the delicious food and drink offerings and there are always stalls that sell fabulous items of clothing, yoga and home accessories.

Why the Tribal Feather? What does it symbolise?

I always knew that I wanted to start my own little business and after attending a Yoga Teacher and Trance Dance Training with Shiva Rea in Malibu last year I came home with a fabulous idea and ready to plan a way forward to make my passion of Dance a reality.

I love to dance and love the outdoors so Tribal Spirit evolved.  The name encompasses all things Tribal and the mission is to help people find their spirit in dance.  My events are mostly outside, in a forest, beach, woodland, boho garden setting and people come to dance to a playlist of global music and live drums.  There is no choreography, rather guidance to movement.

Once I had the name, I had to design a logo.  The gold feather symbolises flight and freedom, the circles around the feather in my logo symbolise movement, circular and spiral movement.  I encourage my tribe to 'Melt into Motion'.

I love metallic tattoos so I sourced a manufacturer with the feather and here we are.   

Tips for keeping your gold tattoo looking gorgeous.

The tattoo will stay on your arm for at least two weeks (it may fade in between this period).  Do not put oil based creams on it or it will rub off.  You can shower, swim and exercise with them on, they will not go away.

I hope you will love wearing these beautiful Tribal Spirit Tattoos as much as I do. x

Grab your feather tattoo now 

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