Well, we know what we prefer. Not to put the red rose down at all but really; Do we all have to have the same flower, go to the same restaurants, and buy the same type of card? Where's the individuality?

Romance is very individual and very personal so why do we become romantic robots on February 14th?



For years now I've driven past restaurants on the most romantic day of the year only to find the same mannequin challenge frame, a dozen or so couples with a red rose (of course), on the table and the man’s hand reaching over to hold his beloved's hand.... all in sync.



Come on guys, Valentine himself would have cringed.



We're not against celebrating, please don't misunderstand, but at least be your quirky, cool selves on the day.



Romantic flowers for me are the first ever I received from my Mr. J, they were lilacs and powder in colour, delicate little wild flowers; those were and still are romantic for me.



This Valentine's we at Cotton and Pearl have developed our own quirky cards for you, we are in love with the album Valentine’s Eve and linked to our love for wine, we have three very different aerators; one instantly chills, the other is great if you like to decant red wine and the third has got to be our favourite for those who can't wait for the wine to breathe just pop it straight into the bottle and you can have instantly aerated red!

We turned to the most fabulously Quirky, Happy, Cool Couple we know, Nick and Kitty and asked them how their beautifully seductive album Valentine’s Eve came about.



I've been very privileged to watch them live on numerous occasions at my favourite bar, Scarfes, at The Rosewood on Chancery Lane, they're not just an act, they live and breathe Romance from head to toe, theirs is a style that can put the rest of us to shame, it's a forgotten era that they bring straight back through the golden revolving doors of Scarves. I've watched as for a very split second this couple halt the room... then its show time!



Kitty's voice is a dream and I've heard she's self-taught; Nick is the ultimate front man who is spectacular in his art. He's witty and all heart, a take him or leave him kind of guy, a man’s man but also a gentleman, his presence fills the room.



Whilst visiting them not too long ago I was thrilled to see that they have not one but two gramophones! My ultimate dream as a young girl was to own my own one day, inspired by a stack of 78s that were never played at my parents’ home.

I screamed, “Oh my God you have a gramophone!" In a flash, Nick wound it up and we all did our version of the waltz.



Kitty said, "we take it to the park sometimes on our picnics".....Now, how romantic is that?



When I asked why they called the album Valentine’s Eve it was as simple as ...well you could say every night is Valentines Eve if you want it to be.



Nick says he can write a song in an afternoon or as Kitty says you could start one and come back to it years later.



The album is a mixture of their own original songs and standards, which makes it so great to listen to. Our very own, Ed Jones plays the saxophone on the album (who they play with regularly and are all great friends).



I asked, "do you think romance is dead?" They both completely disagree; well they should know, they perform every night and watch romances bloom which gave me a smile as I really was beginning to think it had.

So whatever you're doing this Valentine’s, we hope you'll enjoy the album if you don’t have time to aerate the wine, buy our Tilt, if you forgot to chill the white make sure you always have our Chill in the freezer....now don't forget a card and whatever you do, laugh, love and sing and as Nick says don't ever bring your mobile phone to the bedroom.

Stay Quirky Stay Happy Stay Cool and be a Valentine all year round. 

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Edgar Jones Sax

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