People watching on a hammam towel

Anyone who comes from a large family will tell you some tall tales. It's an art to exaggerate and mock and tease in a loveable way. There's really no one better than your own family to tell it how it is to live with you and top it off with herbs and spices. We don't think there's anyone better than Stevie Georgiou from Georgiou's World to really tell you what it is like to grow up with both Cypriot and British culture.

We at Cotton and Pearl love to people watch all cultures and we think summer is the best time for this sport; so roll out the hammam, get your Cotton and Pearl hamper out, sit back, listen and watch, most of the time the funniest people don't even know how funny they really are.

We’ve been fans of Stevie for a while now as we fully relate to his comedy, and so you can imagine how happy we were to accidently bump into him while on a family visit to Cyprus.  We had travelled there for family reasons and on our last day, exhausted and deflated we saw Stevie and had to have a chat.  He agreed to answer some questions for our blog so we hope you’ll love reading this and check out his facebook page later.

Where do you think your humour comes from or are you just a great people watcher?

I’ve always been quite observant as a child, really, from a very young age I used to be extremely quiet for hours and then whatever my mind soaked in, I’d later release it all out in one big bang which is always a dangerous move.  I have a bad habit of opening Pandora’s box. Yes it has got me into trouble a numerous amount of times, but that my dear friend, is Stevie for you!

In family life it's very easy to get frustrated, with different generations and different ways of living, we can get cross with one another but you seem to find the funny side to things many of us find infuriating, how do you stay cool?

I’ve been in so many situations where family get you frustrated, and believe me, living in Cyprus takes it to a whole new level! In England you can hide, and even live away from your family if you like, but in Cyprus, you have no choice what so ever. That basically means there’s no way out but to accept it for what it is, and whatever stupidity is said, goes in one ear and straight out the other, my love!

Apart from home where the best place to people watch?

There’s two places where I can’t stop people watching; clubs and the London Tube. Every time I travel to London, I could sit on the tube for hours and just look at the amount of diverse people that I’m surrounded by.  Also, clubs are a funny one...because I have a bad habit of narrating life, I end up making a night out sound like a National Geographic Documentary.

You have been doing a new travel series recently with your friend, what has been the most inspiring place that you have been to in Cyprus?

Yes indeed we have! We are currently in the process of planning a lot more trips and activities, we just need a couple of days off work and off we pop.  Probably Avakas Gorge in Paphos is an amazing place (you think you’re in Thailand).  Giant boulders, dodgy birds and wildlife...accompanied by an amazing waterfall with running water all-round the canyon, beautiful!

Have you got a favourite from our Hammam towel range?

I’ve checked out the website and there’s some really nice towels for the summer actually! I might have to order the Peshtemal beach know, the one with all the colours on...that’ll be perfect for a Mackenzy Saturday!

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