“Remember Remember The 5th of November”, children would chant after school on Bomb Fire Night. A week before that we would find old clothes, trousers, a jumper with a hole in it, socks and old shoes, a hat was needed and finally a mask. Connected all together and stuffed with newspapers was our Guy. He was then put on an old pram and taken to the nearest corner shop with a sign on his neck "Penny for the Guy".

Waiting patiently for any passers-by to drop a few pennies in a tin can .When enough was earned to buy a few sparklers or rockets we were off home.

Guy came with us as his grand exit was already planned by mum and dad. Dinner was always bangers and mash on that night. Dad would have saved anything that would have needed burning from the garden all for that special night.

We couldn't wait for dinner to be over, then we'd wrap up warm and dash out to pile up the biggest bomb fire with Guy sat at the top.  Then the fire would be ignited.

While it crackled and popped we would huddle up and drink hot chocolate.

That was long ago, but not that long ago I was on a trip to Prague and on a dark night in winter we entered the most beautiful diner in the old town square. It was panelled in oak and the chandeliers just glowed, but in the corner hot chocolate was churning.  Nothing like the instant hot chocolate I remembered on Guy Fawkes night, this was pure real melted chocolate, hot and ready to drink! I closed my eyes and sipped and knew I'd only ever make it this way from now on.

We love our vintage pieces at Cotton and Pearl and have often featured 70's coffee pots, but this one to me could be a chocolate pot.

Real Hot Chocolate

  • 100g plain chocolate no less than 70% cocoa
  • 150ml double cream
  • 600ml whole milk

Pop it all in a pan and stir while it all melts, pour into our double walled glasses and watch the fireworks .

Maria Jones 

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