Pancake Day with Tessa Kiros

With Pancake Day coming up, we of course jumped at the opportunity to contact Tessa and find out about how she spends the day.  Tessa’s books have always been a regular ‘go to’ for our family when we want to make comfort food.  Years ago, we stumbled across the colourful ‘Apples for Jam’ and ‘Fallen Cloudberries’ in a lovely book shop and we were instantly hooked.  The photography had us captivated and the recipes felt so familiar to our own family life and culture.  The recipes are always practical, not complicated for a busy mama and always received with huge compliments by friends when we turn up with gingerbread cookies or a banana bread at a gathering.  

Fast forward to 2016, social media seems to have taken over the foodie world, with perfectly styled shots of food and recipes, it’s easy for people to overlook the importance of a trusty ‘go to’ recipe book and to just google recipes.  Not us, we love social media and all it brings and we love to follow our favourite foodies for inspiration and tips, but nothing can quite compare with having a favourite collection of fabulous recipe books that you know you can trust to deliver excellent food.  So, we got thinking, isn’t it wonderful to be taught a recipe or to learn one and use it over and again.  In our family, we are all well known for certain recipes and always asked to recreate them at parties for friends and family.  There's something really satisfying in this. We love this about pancake day and how one recipe can be adapted in so many ways from family to family with 'staple favourites'.  Below, a little insight to Tessa’s pancake day.    


What version of pancakes did you love growing up with so many beautiful cultures in your family?

The most simple one. With a little sprinkling of sugar, cinnamon and lemon

Do you prefer thin French style crepes or thicker American style?

I prefer the thin French style crepes

 What’s your ultimate topping?

Whipped unsweetened cream, a good drizzle of maple syrup and scattering of cinnamon.

 Who taught you to make pancakes and do you still use the original recipe?

 My sister taught me and yes, I still use the recipe. It is in my book ‘Apples for Jam’

What do your children love about pancake day and how do you as a family mark it now?

My children adore pancake day. I have somehow shifted the responsibility to them and they do enjoy this. It is such a special meal. Sometimes we stray from the regular pancakes and make thick crumpets with ice cream.

I am including a photo from my new book ‘Provence to Pondicherry’ of a dosa filled with potato curry and served with chutneys. Very different as a pancake but also lovely for variety!

Provence to Pondicherry: Recipes from France and Faraway, is out in the UK and available to buy

Photo credit: Manos Chadzikonstantis




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