We were very lucky to catch up with the incredibly talented Moira Neilson (designer and founder of Paleolochic) who makes our fabulous cotton bowls by hand from her home studio in Mallorca. Moira shares a little about what inspires her and top tips for anyone wanting to visit to beautiful island she calls home.

What inspires you to make these gorgeous bowls?

I have always been inspired by nature, but the place where I am clearly inspired from is the place where I live, the Mediterranean. My products have a Mediterranean style with a Scandinavian touch: Scandimed.

How do you discover new design ideas? 

I usually discover new design ideas whilst working on orders. I built up an idea in my head, pros and cons while I am sewing and then I try it out, I usually do this after many days as it helps me structure the process and cool down the anxiety of a new product. 

Tell us a little about the place you buy your cotton from as it sounds intriguing 

In Mallorca there is a great tradition on basket making. I buy my cotton cord in a centenary shop, one of the few left on the island, a magic place that smells of wicker and straw. This is a luxury I am happy to have. 

Your top three tips for anyone wanting to visit Mallorca this summer

Mallorca is beautiful and you take the risk of falling in love and wanting to stay; it happened to me!

1. Visit the old town of Palma early in the morning or at dusk, it’s enchanting.  

2. The Village of Pollençá in the north is one of the most beautiful places, plus the trip there is incredible.

3. A great beach to go to is Cala Varques, you have to walk a bit but it is totally worth it.
What is your favourite product on the Cotton and Pearl website at the moment? 

The Paleolochic cotton housewares range maybe? Haha.

I love all of the hammam towels but the blue and white towel is my favourite.  I also love the Camellia Kimono, it's just to die for.

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