What inspired you to start Nathalie Bond Organics?

When I became pregnant with my son I made the decision to stop using beauty products filled with long lists of synthetic chemicals. Like me you may be surprised to find out how many of your favourite cosmetics are not as natural as you thought. Our bodies can absorb what we apply to them and many women like me are using so many chemicals on our skin with unknown long term effects. When I knew a little one was growing inside me I began making my own simple candles, balms and soap using only natural oils and butters that are safe, gentle and can be sourced sustainably. Fast forward about eighteen months and we're running a little family business making and selling a small range of skincare and candles with 100% natural and organic ingredients that are truly effective, safe and are also pretty good for the planet.

How do you come up with new ideas when creating your products?

We don't really have a strategy. It started with wanting to find essential oils that burn well and work effectively on their own. When we find an essential oil we like, we work on that as a potential product. We don't want to overwhelm our customers with too much choice, so our range will always be easy to navigate.

Do you feel there is a real movement now to return to simple, natural and honest products?

100% yes. You just need to type in 'why natural' or 'why organic' into google and you will find a host of research, evidence, and passion for using more simple, botanical, and non-synthetic products whether on your body or in other parts of your life. Anita Roddick was ahead of the game really! I just wish pharmaceutical companies were more honest with their consumers. I would never have known half of what I know now had I not stumbled on to research. Maybe I was naive to think I could just trust that they have their consumers best interest at heart? I am glad that my family and I can make more informed decisions now. 

What's your favourite candle fragrance from your collection?

Hmm...I would say right now, lemongrass. But ask me in Autumn and I will probably have a different answer.

What do you love most on the Cotton and Pearl store at the moment?

I love the Sheepskin baby booties and the hand-painted tiffin. Gorgeous!

If you want to find out more about Nathalie's range of products you can visit her website http://www.nathaliebond.com/ 

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