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It's Mother's Day soon and I have been given the absolute pleasure of writing about a wonderful young mum and the creator of the most beautiful shoes, jewellery and now stationary, by Emmy London.

Emmy Scarterfield and I only met in the flesh very recently but my connection with her brand (and obsession with her shoes) is well over 8 years old. We've chosen to write about her as we had no idea that she not only designs and makes the most beautiful shoes but is also a mum to beautiful twin girls.

 When she sent back her answers to our questions I was struck by the links and coincidences between her life and mine. Her family were tailors and she grew up listening to her mum sewing into the night. My Dad was a tailor and my mum a seamstress. I grew up around sewing and tailoring and now my sister's children see her at the machine sewing for our little business and making delights for her own children. We all also spent time in Somerset and are north Londoners with a love of Hampstead Heath and Highgate. I've loved getting to know more about the Emmy London and I hope you will too.

 Emmy is such a beautiful name, how did your mother come to choose it?

 Ah thank you! It’s a name that has grown on me for sure.  When I was young I wished for a normal, run of the mill name! My great, great, great Grandfather, Charles Digby Harrod was the founder of Harrods in Knightsbridge, Emmy is a Harrod name.

How have you found developing your business alongside being a busy mum?

Working for yourself in my opinion is the best scenario to be a working mum if you can, you create your own pressure and priorities so you don’t have to justify to anyone why you choose to go to the school nativity over an important business meeting. Having that freedom suits me perfectly and although the lines of work and home are constantly merged, I do spend a good amount of time with my girls just doing mum stuff with them.

 Who, or what influenced your style?

I’ve always really been quite classic, love navy and am addicted to cashmere. I guess my family have really influenced me, particularly my grandparents who were tailors - they had really high standards and loved immaculate coordination.

 Did you always want to design shoes? How did you get started?

I have always been obsessed with shoes from an early age, I grew up in Somerset close to Clarks and right next door to Mulberry so leather goods and shoes were second nature. One of my earliest memories is from when I was about two, I put wooden building blocks in my socks to create high heels, I loved the clip cloppy sound they made. My passion was born right there and has never faded.

 You are now designing jewellery and stationary too, did you ever think you would be doing that? How are you finding it?

 I love both jewellery and stationary. I didn’t ever think I’d be lucky enough to be given the opportunity to be honest. It was very unexpected but am thoroughly enjoying expanding our offer and particularly the jewellery feels very much like a natural addition to the shoes and accessories.

Your wonderfully nostalgic style tells me a story, are there stories behind each piece you design? How does one of your designs start?

Each shoe style does tell a story, there are too many to go into detail but often starts with a place, feeling or experience. I have a shoe that started in my imagination as an umbrella, a whole collection inspired by a holiday we had in the Italian lakes and several details inspired from going through my granny’s attic.

What is the best thing about being a mum for you?

For me being a mum is everything, it didn’t come easily to me at all and there were dark times when I thought it wasn’t going to happen. It makes me whole and fulfilled to an extent that I knew nothing else would. My girls are by far my best creation ever.

Did you go through your mum's wardrobe as a little girl? What did you like most about it?

My mum was very model like, she made a lot of her own clothes. Once we were in bed I could often hear her machine going, it always amazed me how she could create these amazing dresses from our kitchen table and look so elegant in them.

What did you learn from your mum?

To cherish the simple things in life, nurturing good food, fresh air, swimming in the sea and time to think. Both my parents are not pushy at all, not driven by ambition or money in any way, so despite being proud of what I’ve created I know they’d be equally delighted with a great crop of carrots I’d grown from seed. It’s a great feeling not have that pressure to impress.

What do you want your girls to remember about growing up with you?

I hope they remember their childhood for the times we make stuff together, go for walks, chat in bed, make up songs and our camping holidays.

How do you spend Mother's Day?

Probably a walk on the Heath, then a Sunday roast at our local cozy pub in Highgate and treat myself to a large glass of Malbec.

What item from our Mother's Day edit would you most like to give or receive and why?

I would love to receive the Ivalo Water Carafe, I drink lots of water so I think this would look pretty chic on my desk.

Mums are a wonderful invention I told a young girl recently, they give you everything and want very little back.

Love to all you mums, have a wonderful Mother's Day.

Maria. x

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Photo of Emmy Scarterfield and her girls, photo credit: Dickie Higgins

Photo of Emmy London shoes, photo credit: Claire Graham


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