Let's celebrate the women
It’s International Women’s Day today. A day to celebrate our achievements and to focus attention on the debates still raging around equality, freedom, dignity and respect. Over the last year it feels like women have become more vocal about politics and I think it is true to say that the three of us have also been affected by this. When I think about International Women’s Day I think about all the inspirational women who came before and who are around now to challenge the status quo and win hard fought rights to make society a fairer place not just for women, but for all. So on this International Women’s Day we tip our hats to those women, famous and infamous, peasant and princess, known and unknown who have made the UK in 2017 one of the better places to be a woman. Amongst them I would count my Grandmother who inspired me to be real (and to tell the dirtiest jokes!), and my Dad who is definitely an egalitarian and taught me to question everything.

Whatever you do today and in the future, be sure to be true to yourself and to love yourself. By teaching our children that we are all equal and that they are all equally important, irrespective of size, shape or intelligence, we are paving the way to more equality. So today on International Women’s Day I will cuddle my kids, get my son to help make the dinner and sit down with my daughter to do some maths. And I might even bake a cake while I get my old man to bake some bread. Have a great day y’all and remember to be you and stay quirky, happy and cool.

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