On a recent trek with the kids and dog to Lea Valley rivers at Waltham Abbey, my husband and I got very excited to see lots of sloe berries!

Luckily a clean bag was to hand and we all started to pick them. Even the dog was interested!

When we got home I washed and sorted the Sloe’s but there was a slight problem.... you're meant to wait for the first frost to make sloe gin. The berries would all be gone by then but I know a little trick to sort that out... put them in the freezer!!!! This simple idea will give them a frost bite without the problem of waiting for the weather to do it for you!

A few hours later you can take them out if the freezer, add caster sugar and juniper berries and of course GIN!!!!!!! Shake well, put in a dark place, and after a few weeks the berries will have fallen to the bottom of the bottle and the liquid will be a bright, vibrant pink.             

Leave the gin in a dark dry place for 2-3, months shake every few weeks and enjoy!

With love from the Michaels xx

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