Back to basics; the power of trusting a more natural skincare routine

We’ve always been fans of natural remedies and since pregnancy and becoming Mamas we have worked hard to cut out chemicals from our daily routine, to shop consciously and to understand more about what we are putting on and inside our bodies.  It’s been a real learning curve to discover how many 'trusted brands' that were part of our daily skincare routine included so many unnecessary and harmful ingredients.  The marketing tricks in labels also can be misleading and confusing which doesn't help us (the consumer) to make choices.  That’s why we love collaborating with other small businesses and we like to buy from those who can tell you exactly what’s inside the bottle.  

Naturally, we took an interest in discovering more about Isla Apothecary. We first met Kate (founder of Isla Apothecary) at the Mind Body Soul exhibition last year, and we have kept in touch since.  Kate started the business on her own after experimenting years ago with natural, raw ingredients and concocting simple recipes in the hope of soothing some persistent skin maladies.  She told us about how she suffered with sensitive skin and got to the point where she just wanted to go back to basics and say ‘no’ to complicated regimens.  Kate started using natural ingredients and essential oils in skincare and realised that self-care is an experience in itself and one that she doesn’t believe can be matched by synthetic alternatives.  We can relate to this so much and the joy of discovering a simpler routine.  To celebrate the launch of our collaboration combo (Jasmine sunset radiance body oil and our fabulous black and white hammam towel), we interviewed Kate to give you a ‘spotlight on the maker’ and some great tips to prepare you for summer.


Tell us about Jasmine sunset radiance body oil


When I started thinking about the business in 2014, I was in high experimentation mode and there was one oil in particular that I really wanted to create something with, and that was mastic. It’s been a personal favourite for years and an aroma that gets me every time. It’s so intensely unique and I wanted to share it. I blended it with another favourite, Jasmine, and this blend formed the base for what was to become Jasmine Sunset Radiance Body Oil. This product is also a little playful, and ideal for the summer months as it gives the skin a subtle colour boost from copper mica’s light reflecting particles, and lightly scents it with the smell of summer.


What tips do you have for using the Jasmine sunset radiance in the summer and what are your top tips for ensuring your skin stays hydrated and beautiful during the summer months


I would recommend using it after a day in the sun. Fresh out of the shower and after exfoliating, slather all over the body to receive the skin soothing properties of passionflower and marula oils and to add a little colour boost.


My top tips for taking care of our skin in the summer when temperatures are extreme or fluctuating is to a) drink lots of water (of course) b) exfoliate to eliminate flaky skin and encourage skin renewal and c) moisturise. The key is to maintain consistency. I have noticed how much more resilient my skin is since I started using natural products to exfoliate (there are three in the Isla Apothecary range) and plant oils to moisturise.


What medicinal plants do you grow at home? What are your most trusted natural remedies


The usual Rosemary and Lavender, and we have six beautiful olive trees (very Greek ha!) I literally use Rosemary for everything, and that may explain why it’s in a number of the products in the range. The medicinal, herbaceous oils are really the ones I love and repeatedly go to as they are just so adaptable, and aromatherapeutically pleasing to me. Other remedies include salt baths, especially Epsom salts for achey bones. And lately, I have been using a Passiflora tincture, and have been incorporating hydrosols widely – for the skin, hair, bath and mood.


Apart from the hammam towels, what's your favourite gift on Cotton and Pearl and why


Oooh this is a tough question! I love the fact you have a ‘Me Time’ section on the site by the way! Everything of which I love, especially the eye pillows! The gift of self-care, whether to yourself or from another is beautiful.


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