Here at Cotton and Pearl we have a lot to be grateful for. Our family, new babies, healthy friends and relatives and of course our fabulous customers. Being part of Cotton and Pearl helps us channel our creativity and love of quality workmanship and design and I think we are all grateful for the opportunity it brings us to meet new and interesting people.

We believe that by keeping the things that we are grateful for, or that make us happy in mind we can all have more positive daily experiences. With that in mind I have embarked on a little project of my own this year to record one thing that I am grateful for every day in a photo. I was inspired by a friend who told me how it had worked for her and sent me off to look at the 365 grateful website.  As a busy working mum I find it is a good way to make me reflect on myself for a few short minutes every day.

So, whatever you are grateful for each day, a nice cup of tea, your child laughing, a good book, why not join me in my little project and see where it takes you?



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